Common Problems Found More Uses Of Mobile In Life Today. Some Safe Steeps to Use

     Today over all time is waste by using of mobile phones output is nothing. This causes tension, avoidness,less feelings, some time depress,Health Effect,  and many more things which we found todays life. 

            Problems commonly found all over the world specially in teen ages, make it bad habit use mobile phone in everywhere were it don't need. That is reason crate dustance of your friends, family, co-worke, neighbors, relatives,these are important spotters in every field of life.That crate avoidness of our spotters result aloneness  crate tension in mind what to do and take some undecided steps to big loss in his life.Less Fealings no wormness in relationship which sport him life come to good track caused depresed life. At last the nagitive effect of health make life hell.

   Bad Effects of mobile phone On Helth

_Eyes more effected by using mobile phone blindness sometimes, pain

_head pain focused on more on mobile

_eyerphone unwanted sound effects eyer

_tideness in hole body because mind concentrate one thing for more time 

_tideness in mind disterbunce in other work
_distance produce in relationship

_lazy and less intrest in work

     Some Safe Steeps Use Mobile phone

_During use mobile make distance from eyes

_Don't use mobile during charging and also headphone or earphone 

_Use mobile in free and less time and make warm relationships with family and friends etc

_Keep away mobile from sikn during vibaration spicially from heart
Don't use brightness when go to sleep or wakeup time nagitive effect on eyes

_Don't use full volume during lessen music on earphone or headphones


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