The Most Innovative Things Happening In Depression,

            Depressions is disterbunce in human system nothing else.Mind,hart.fealings, love emotion,

                   Depression  rate increases is common  found in human behaver,charges see in action reaction emotion.The depression is cusscu by many things tension in human life in his family,society,friend circular because he acting his behavior are related to it.
          The incident in human life is common some incidents which change  our life because they will touh our hart. The  reason behind disterbunce in love, fealings, emotion we know humans are crated by these things. Thing found in depression.

_Change in daily life routin
_Not interested in any work
_supersutatios believes
_Sleep too much not sleep at well
_empty life
_hopeless and helpless
_thought of sucied
_Avoid family members and friends

          What to do

The best thing increase will power avoid that things where you feel not good to do and spend time with your friends and family make intrest. Don't be yourself and make interest with others.Avoid horrer seens of life make interest with comady.Keep try make life happy for somehow.The prosses is slow but results is better because my personal experience. Take dry fruits with milk at bed time it makes healthy mind and hart. Don' take things serious it make pressure your hart mind do thing for entertainment it makes your more intrest and hope.

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