life to death game start from birth everyone busy in his own field.The life of death cycle round in every step were feel or face some good and bad things which is part of life.

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                                Life is that game which starts from birth  to end with death love,emotion,action,reaction are the parts which run the life accordingly symboles found in human behaver  in various fields 

                       All alone bron die alone but  life need suport fullfill the dreams some sucesfull but some fail to prove.The life is not  end to do so but gool reachs not whole life but turn life in bite you have to preaper yourself always in every field of life. The life come with many charactor you have know your role and play properly.I dont know how you foun happiness in your life when you read hearts and minds of others you dont take a good deciousion ever but you mold your life wher other read you properly. The life to death is story how life began to end with death some valuebul things you loss some things you dont want ever the valuebul life is when you inspire or force to know about you.
                           The imagenation is not always clourfull some unwanted thinking round in your mind.

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